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We would love to here from anyone who would like further information about the Save The Railway Arms Pub (STRAP) campaign. And we would particularly welcome anyone who has any ideas, skills or time to help the STRAP campaign as we attempt to form Saffron Walden’s first community pub.

We are also interested in any ideas you might have about what type of pub you would like the Railway Arms to become if and when the campaign is successful. We’ll produce an extensive survey about that in due course, but let us know if there’s anything you feel particularly passionate about.


Submit your email address if you would like further information about STRAP or and/or fill in the form (or email to to send us a message, ask a question or let us know about any ideas you have or help you can offer.


Let us know if you would like to receive information and updates about the Save the Railway Arms Pub campaign and/or if you would like to get involved.

Comments or questions are also welcome, including ideas for what you would like to see in the pub itself once it’s up and running.

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